Transformed into beautiful kimono lady!

June 20, 2017


Transformed into beautiful kimono lady! What was the reward? What was the punishment? Who would distort her face!?
Osaka Otaku TV Japan Shop File vol.3-3 OTA BASE

Masami, the innocent girl succeeded in scrounging for wearing elegant costume!
She and Yui took commemorative photos together using “Utapuri” at the event space.
They were so excited to see various kinds of OTABASE goods at the merchandise corner!
They were on scrounge after being introduced to those nice goods.
The second quiz was held to bet for the goods they want!
Will Yui and Masami answer the quiz correctly and get the goods they want!?
Of course if they could not answer it correctly, as usual, they will have to take a bitter punishment.

What did the two ladies think after experiencing OTABASE so much?

There might be special presents for those who watch this until the end!?
Please have a look at the final chapter of OTABASE!