Osaka Otaku TV Japan Shop File vol.2 ASSIST WIG

February 7, 2017


Japan Shop File Vol.2 “Assist Wig” in Nihonbashi Osaka

There are 501 different color wigs! What’s “Assist Wig”? They are a popular wig shop in Nihonbashi Osaka, which is a sacred place for otaku!

In Akihabara Tokyo, they founded their company to sell games and magazines published by fans.
It has been ten years, as of 2016, since they started selling wigs to cosplayers.

The shop opened in Nihonbashi and Ikebukuro.
The wigs is sold at 1,980〜(without tax).
A lot of cosplayers liked their wigs because of their moderate prices, high quality and good support.

They have many active cosplayers as staff

In Assist Wig shop, most staff are active cosplayers and they often observe how customers think, what they want and what is popular for people.

There are an overwhelming number of color wigs, they’re 501 different kinds of colors, on the other hand, there are also a lot of small goods and make-up items too!

For a beginner cosplayer, they have clear and practical videos on how to use many items.

It has two brands of wigs. “Assist Wig Basic” is a low cost, easy to cut or set wig with many kinds of colors and styles for people to easily enjoy.

“Assist Wig Premium” is for people who wants a particular cut and set.

Assist Wig also have official licensed items, for example Miku Hatsune from Vocaloid, Osomatsusan, Toukenranbu and Bungou stray dogs.

Only the official items, have the faithfully reproduced hair style, color and details, exactly like the character.

We directly interviewed Assist Wig in Nihonbashi!

The store manager talked frankly about Assist Wig, gave us the inside story and introduced and simply explained some the products.