Come to JUNGLE, and you will find everything!

June 13, 2017


Come to JUNGLE, and you will find everything!

Countless programs were broadcasted and books were read in the world.
Comics, animations, Tokusatsu entertainment, young-adult fiction and so on.
Most of the characters that appeared in the stories are fiction, and most of them has no existence.

However, if it does not exist, we can simply create it.

There are more things that we can create, but we would like to focus on “figures”, a word well-known worldwide.

Recently, due to the development of 3D printers and the improvement of molding technology, many figures are produced in detail, made them look so real.
Of course, not only the latest figures are popular. Some old figures with premium value are popular too.

This time, Osaka Otaku TV carried out an interview with Jungle, shops in Japan and overseas selling kinds of figures, toys and others.

Various kinds of products are displayed in a compact shop!
Yui Yui, the reporter was so excited about the long-forgotten goods!
Furthermore, she succeeded to sneak into the workshop of Jungle, called “Fabrication Workshop Jungle” specially this time!
She dashed herself experiencing how to make a figure, and reported it!

The first chapter would be sneaking into Jungle!
Reporter will introduce a number of attractive figures and original items.
What are the current popular items?
Shopkeeper will show us that with latest information.
“Come to JUNGLE, and you will find everything!”
This is true! Please enjoy it as much as you like!