The Largest Cosplay Event! Parade! Live! Full with events!

August 1, 2017


The Largest Cosplay Event! Parade! Live! Full with events!

The largest cosplay event “Nippombashi Street Festa” was held in Nippombashi.
As there were a lot of events, besides cosplayers and cameramen, everybody enjoyed the large-scale festa held by the town.

Originally we planned to go around all the events, but we gave up halfway through because there were too many events and people.

This time we will provide information of some events through our interview.
We carried out an interview with the singer at live event!
Masami was interested in escape game! She is concerned about the poster and her eyesight…
Something hit Yui’s spot making her could not stop laughing during an interview with a professor.
There were other events such as manufacturing workshop which family members can enjoy, art flea market.
All the events were full with people!

We would like to introduce that there are countless way to enjoy other events other than “cosplay” in “Nippombashi Street Festa”.
Please enjoy the video of the 2nd part of “Nippombashi Street Festa 2017”, a large-scale cosplay event in Japan that is growing in scale every year, loved by the local residents, visitors and other people.