Shoot the biggest cosplay event in Japan!

June 27, 2017


Shoot the biggest cosplay event in Japan!

The largest pop culture event in Japan “Nippombashi Street Festa” turned Nippombashi, Osaka into an extraordinary day on 19th March.

“Nippombashi Street Festa” is held every year since 2005. This was the 13th time.
The number of participants increases each year. It marked a record high of over 250,000 participants.
Cosplayers turned themselves into characters in animations, games and so on, gathered in the local shopping areas, streets and parking lots.
Usually, Osaka’s main street, the Sakaisuji, has a lot of traffic. However, it became the pedestrian paradise that day. It was crowded with people, with cosplayers and cameramen who took photographs of these cosplayers.
The mayor of Osaka declared the opening of this event in cosplay. There were large- scale parade, subculture events and others. The whole region came together to liven up this event.

Early in the morning, we, the official shooting team, attempted “Nippombashi Street Festa”.
Since it was our first participation, we created our schedule elaborately and started the shooting, but…

There lives an evil spirit in shooting.
The event was a blast, livelier than we expected. Our shooting did not go according to schedule.
As a result, we let ourselves go with the flow, went ahead with shooting events and interviewing cosplayers.

There were many famous and high-quality cosplayers. We could not take our eyes off them, forgot our shooting.
We were overwhelmed by the modeling in wide range, from elaborate accessories to large-scale items.

Before that, we were overwhelmed by the number of people.
The number of 250,000 in short period far exceeded our prediction.

This is the first chapter.
There are scenes of mayor in opening ceremony, cosplayers in parades and others!

Please take a look at the fierce fight “Nippombashi Street Festa”.