Osaka Otaku TV Event Channel vol.3 Kariya Collection

February 21, 2017


Osaka Otaku TV Event Channel vol.3 Kariya Collection

“Kariya Collection” is the first Anime-Manga comprehensive event in Central Region, Aichi prefecture.
Kariya Collection was known as “Cosplay Fiesta in Kariya” previously. After its inaugural event in 2003, participants have been increasing yearly. There were 3000 and above cosplayers from all over Japan participated in this event this year in 2016.
Kariya Collection won the first place in Twitter Trend. Osaka Otaku TV went out of Osaka to cover the story of Kariya Collection which finished in great success!

I am hungry!
This time Kariya Gourmet Collection starts from this sentence!
“I’ll investigate the food in Kariya Anime Collection,” with the name of this, Yui Yui started her food tasting scrounging session. She shoved potato into her mouth and showed her smug face.
Please enjoy watching Yui Yui holding food, but not flowers, in both hands.

On her way, she met a high-quality cosplayer in extraterrestrial costume who appeared hanging something on the waist, made the cosplayer looked strange.

Please do not miss the final chapter of heated Kariya Anime Collection!