Osaka Otaku TV Event Channel vol.2 Kariya Collection

February 14, 2017


Osaka Otaku TV Event Channel vol.2 Kariya Collection

“Kariya Collection” is the first comprehensive anime and manga event in the Central Region located in Aichi prefecture.

Kariya Collection was known as “Cosplay Fiesta in Kariya” previously. After its inaugural event in 2003, participants have been increasing yearly. There were over 3000 cosplayers from all over Japan, that participated in this 2016 event.

Kariya Collection won the first place on Twitter Trend. Osaka Otaku TV went out of Osaka to cover the story of Kariya Collection which achieved great success!After our 1st bulletin, this is the 2nd!

Secondly Yui Yui ? Gave an on-the-spot interview to a group of cosplayers! Costume made in one day? There were such superb cosplayers!

Furthermore, cosplayers sneaked into the supermarket wearing their costumes, It was something out of the ordinary.

Scene in the store was same as usual? Yes, the products did not change, but cosplayers were wandering in the store.

When a familiar food court was full with various kinds of cosplayers, it seemed like a different world!

Enjoy the extraordinary Kariya event by rushing for the 2nd bulletin for Kariya Amine Collection!