Osaka Otaku TV Event Channel vol.1 Kariya Collection

February 10, 2017


Osaka Otaku TV Event Channel Kariya collection vol.1 Kariya Collection

“Kariya collection” is the first overall anime and comics event in Aichi, in the Chubu region.
The name was changed from “Cosplay festa in Kariya”. Then, the number of participants increased every year from the first year, 2013.
Now, more than three thousand cosplayers took part in the event in 2016.
Osaka Otaku TV went to report this event, which was a blast, which is a top trending topic on Twitter, from Osaka to Aichi.

First, we will give you a snippet of what to look forward to.
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On October 29, 2016, it was held on a wonderful day, as if to celebrate Kariya collection 2016.
Osaka Otaku TV will interview many cosplayers and get the real inside information!
In addition to that, a certain famous RPG had been made into a high quality play by cosplayers.
Magic and suspense is in the air! Yuiyui, who reports for OOT, got very excited by cosplayers’ appealing act!
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