How far can they draw out the expression of craziness?

October 3, 2016


How far can they draw out the expression of craziness?
Akira Midosuji and Toyohisa Shimadzu
Osaka Otaku TV Cosplayer Interview vol.2 Raffaello

This is the second cosplay interview for Osaka Otaku TV!
This time we have Mr. Raffaello who is an outstanding cosplayer for events with us!
Mr. Raffaello is known as “night cosplayer”. He is active in cosplay events than shooting in studio.
Beside of his physical appearance like height and eyes, he is lively and aggressive in communicating with other people. Fans should check out his events in future.
Fans can watch the video clip to get know his natural expression as a cosplayer and behind the cosplay, listen to his voice directly to know his enthusiasm in future.

The costume of “DRIFTERS” Toyohisa Shimazu was produced by a friend.
It’s made particular about two katana swords and the colour of armor.

The pose and expression were so impressive that cameraman let out his voice by saying “It’s like the original figure…”

The Yowamushi Pedal Show Midousuji which is the best in West Japan, full with confident by Mr. Raffaello changed poses from one to another, riding bicycles and so on. He also enjoyed himself through shooting.